Dawakosh.com - Online Store for selling health remedies

India's first and largest Alternative Medicines & Remedy store.

Founded by medical professionals with more than 105 years of combined experience in the industry, Dawakosh.com is a Web portal that facilitates easy access to 'Alternative Medicines'.

In addition to an extensive directory of alternative medicines, the portal provided a consultation service to buyers for their well-being.

The Challenge we had?

Dawakosh.com is an online portal showcasing Alternative Medicines and Remedies, as well as providing online consultations for people reporting health concerns. 'Alternative Medicines' were listed on the website in an extensive manner. The medicines were organized by Ailments, Categories, Brands, or Types of Medicines, making navigation very straightforward. To enable buyers to make an informed decision, all disease-related products and treatments were listed.

Still to be addressed are the list of products, the ease of navigation, and the purchasing concept. The 'Consult Our Experts' section of the click here web portal allows buyers to pay a fee in order to speak to an expert live.

It has been resolved

A theme design was created after brainstorming the requirements of the project so that it was easy to navigate and clean enough to display the medicines and the required information.

The website allows admins to post remedies and images in the 'Remedies' section, and registered buyers can save those remedies in their accounts for future reference.

Creating the 'Consult our Experts' section was a major challenge. The client requested that a category be chosen by the buyer before a consultation could begin. In order to get started, he can enter his information and pay the consultation fee. An admin also has the option of enrolling consultants and specifying their expertise. An expert will be assigned to the booked consultation and a meeting will be scheduled by the admin.

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